This summer workshop provides YuCai students with a multi-disciplined and dynamic way of expressing themselves in an English language group setting.  They will learn to engage in and contribute to the lively, creative process of shared inquiry using The Great Books Foundation materials and methods. The teacher acts as a skilled leader guiding the students to their own individual conclusions in the context of spirited group discussions.

Studies show that students can expect higher scores on the SAT, ACT and TOEFL tests after completing this course; the main purpose of this course, however, is to increase English fluency and to prepare the student for study abroad by immersion in the Western-style classroom.

The Great Books curriculum is used at Harvard, Stanford, St. John’s and Columbia. This course is the perfect stepping stone to an International Baccalaureate (IB) high school or to the study of liberal arts at college or university level.

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The International course provides an advanced English immersion experience that dramatically improves practical English skills. This American Liberal Arts educational framework uses original texts, not standardized textbooks.  The teaching approach unearths the authentic inner voice of each student as they participate in group inquiry and develop critical thinking skills.  The course focuses on four fundamental areas of study: Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Integrated Studies. The course also includes elements of career exploration, world culture studies, and SAT/ACT  as integral parts of the core curriculum.  The course may culminate with a study trip abroad, which provides direct learning experiences in The United States. The areas of study include:

Humanities – Novels, Fiction, Art, Music, Poetry, Drama and Science Fiction

Natural Sciences – Chemistry, Light & Motion, Evolution, Genetics, Animal Behavior, Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology

Social Sciences – Society, Culture, Personality, Western Political Tradition, Modern Theories of State & Society and History of Western Civilization

Integrative Studies – Logic, Rhetoric, Nature & Creation of Mathematics and History of Western Philosophy