Order Cialis Soft Over The Counter The Intermezzo! Accelerate Your First Academic Semester of College in the USA 

This exclusive course, designed by InterLangua LLC, involves 4 months of weekly English Culture and Language Classes for College Accepted Students Bound for North America.

American native speakers with classroom experience and certificates teach all courses from High schools and Universities in North America. Specialized discussion-dialog teachers with Great Books /Shared Inquiry certifications will also present.

Month 1 – Basic Protocols in Culture, Sports and Volunteer Activities  
Outcomes: Pre-College Plans for Creativity, Action and Service

Month 2 – Prepare for Your Undergraduate Required Courses
Outcomes: Pre-College Course Planning and E-Portfolio

Month 3 – Develop Skilled Classroom Discussion Techniques for College 
Outcomes: Self-confidence in discussing ideas and expressing your own opinions

Month 4 – Basic English Writing Great Research Papers
Outcomes: Writing – Develop your English voice in your writing style

Month 5 – All Options Are On the Table!
Customized Internships and home stay in the USA or Canada
Continuing courses in  Intermezzo – VIP project based training


Living with Americans  

Option A – Household Lifestyle
Overview of American students; blended families; single-family head of household. Conversational styles, including handshakes, manners, customs and habits in American Homes; What do American Families Care/Worry About?  How to manage in family and small group situations; Developing interaction skills for social settings.  American Religions and going to church, or not. Basic table manners and food styles.

Option B – Dormitory Lifestyle
Living with American in dorms; lifestyles, food, eating habits and adjusting to new locations and rules.