Buy online Cialis Soft 20 mg The Yucai International Dept (YCID) uses a unique curriculum designed by InterLangua, to refine and accelerate English language learning in China. We use dialogue and deliberation in our reading programs, with an emphasis on writing using a variety of rhetorical styles. Our students speak, read and write fluently before they move on to higher education in the USA or other Western universities

While China needs to maintain the celebrated GaoKao Test, a national equalizer among the rich and poor, it is clear that simply “teaching to the test” is hampering critical thinking in the public schools. Recognizing this, the Nanshan Education Bureau has broken new ground in China by offering its students the very best in international education. Educated Chinese parents realize that while the GaoKao test certainly tests knowledge students have gained from traditional teaching methods, it does not help students develop higher order thinking skills

InterLangua’s presence in the Chinese public school system has provided answers to some its most compelling problems, by encouraging students to express their opinions clearly and confidently, and to form good habits of inquiry.