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buy Cialis Soft 20 mg Sweden InterLangua is proud to announce the launching of The InterLangua Institute – a division of InterLangua which will bring together the best minds in education from around the world. At InterLangua we use a collaborative approach to learning that will transform your teaching experience. Teachers and principals come from China, Iceland, Norway, Columbia and a host of other countries to learn from each other. Not only will you exchange ideas with some of the best educators in the world – you will practice blending and molding new methods of teaching and curricula design.

Many teachers are receiving their credentials from institutions still using old models of education – models that predate the expansion of communication technology. This means that their approach to classroom content seeks standards that fit old models of education. Phase one of InterLangua’s teaching program will focus on the importance of structured dialogue as a means of teaching. During this phase we will:

  • Hold a worldwide teacher collaboration forum in real-time at locations around the world.
  • Use the Institue as a laboratory for learning
  • Work in close-knit groups to accelerate the growth and development of our satellite groups.