B U I L T   O N   T  H E   F  O U N D A T I  O N   O F   E X P E R I E N C E .


Government groups, business folks, college students, or younger students who wish to study abroad, gain an enormous advantage through mastering spoken English and extending their cultural literacy. At InterLangua we provide a relaxing and stimulating environment. Our clients enjoy custom learning programs tailored to their language skill level, field of study and the cultural specifics of their chosen destination.

Career Services

Confused? Uncertain? Can’t make a decision? Careers are about discovery and fun! Recognizing kinds of jobs and skills requires awareness of the future.  Careers involve asking family members and friends about their work experiences. InterLangua works with all ages of adults, young adults, Middle school youth and even Primary students on career exploration, development and refining a long-lasting career path.


No matter how good your product, service, or academic record is, achieving success in foreign cultures requires an understanding of cultural differences. InterLangua works with your specific goals to achieve success in cross-cultural knowledge. We take an evolutionary approach to learning, which develops lasting adaptation to change.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum design requires a deep knowledge of how people learn, in order to deliver the finest learning products that can last for generations. InterLangua employs the finest teachers in the world to develop the curriculum for our programs, lectures and schools. Our unique curriculums are developed to accelerate levels of learning and use highly creative activities covering wide ranges of subjects. Examples of published curriculum designs include Cross-cultural Training for Managers, American Scene summer camps (4 week programs K-12), Career Training (K-12 and adults), International Summer Courses, and USA Great Books study tours.


InterLangua’s Innovation Coaching effectively prepares Chinese businesses, schools and institutions to transition into active global participants. We help them to creatively confront their changing economic, social, educational and environmental realities. This allows these local businesses and institutions to remain relevant while successfully reintroducing themselves to the expanding worldwide marketplace.


Even the most fluent non-native English speakers often find themselves challenged during Anglo-Sino business interactions by cross-cultural misunderstanding. InterLangua trains you to use English in the specific settings and cultural contexts of your field of operation.

Teacher Training

Teaching teachers is an art form requiring the most skilled trainers in the world. InterLangua employs Great Books trainers to lead our professional learning team in skills that create classroom Leaders. Teachers are instructed in the methods of shared inquiry, reading comprehension, writing, and listening. Teachers are trained both in the USA and China. InterLangua trainers offer follow-up sessions with trainees in order to see how they use new methods in the classroom. InterLangua produces superior English language teachers that motivate and engage their students in creative, active task-based learning.

For Chinese teachers of English: We customize and build on the basics of existing English teaching curriculums in China, with its emphasis on the fundamentals of vocabulary, grammar and diction. We then add training in current American teaching methods which emphasize collaboration in imaginative lesson planning. This combination creates a highly effective intersection between these two very different teaching styles. InterLangua offers practical Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) for English Language Teaching (ELT) in China. This course provides Continuing Education Credits and is certified by Alliant International University. Our courses require a solid knowledge of English.